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150th Anniversary -- 1864 Battle of Plattsburg


Re-enactment & Living History
Weekend of April 26 & 27

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Twenty-three years before the formation of Kansas City came Clinton County's Plattsburg. Clinton County is rich in heritage and history and was first established as a county in 1833 when it split-off from a very large Clay County. Even before the actual town was established, the land area that is now Plattsburg was planned and designed
 to be the county seat.

One "claim to fame" that Plattsburg boasts lies with David Rice Atchison, whom many believe was "President for a Day." Plattsburg has erected a statue in the "President's" honor in front of Clinton County Courthouse and a room is dedicated to him at the museum.
During the Civil War, Plattsburg was divided between both the northern and southern forces, however, the county in general tended to sway more towards southern beliefs. Several local churches were used as hospitals for the duration of the Civil War and it is reported that at least one church denomination was also split right down the middle between the northern and southern alliances.

In the late 1800's and early 1900's many new Victorian homes were built, and several are still in existence today. Modern facilities came to Plattsburg in the 1920's, when many homes were built and equipped for electricity.

The Riley-Carmack House and Museum is one of the old Victorian homes still in existence and also serves as host to numerous artifacts, displays and other historical items. 

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