Welcome to the city of Plattsburg

Located only 45 minutes away from Kansas City, the lovely town of Plattsburg is the seat of Clinton County, Missouri, US.

Plattsburg foundation and history

After being occupied for thousands of years by indigenous people, American Indians ceded the land in the Platte Purchase in 1836, to become the northwest Missouri. First called Concord, the city became Springfield, but after discovering that the name was already used in Missouri, they finally called it Plattsburg.

The name of the town, as well as the one of the county, were inspired by Plattsburgh, the seat of Clinton County, New York, in tribute to George Clinton, one of the founding Fathers, the first governor of New York and vice president from 1805 to 1812.

Tourism: Golf Course and Smithville Lake

One of the major attraction of Plattsburg is its golf Course. Originally designed in 1921 as a 9-holes sand green golf, the Country Club was further converted to grass green in 1992 and finally to a 18-holes course in 1998.

Another notable attraction is the artificial Smithville Lake, being the reservoir providing water supply for the area, including Kansas City. Built and administrated by the Kansas City Office, it hosts the famous Smithville Dam since 1977.

Culture: Plattsburg Artists Coalition

Formed in the spring of 2000 by local artists, the Plattsburg Artists Coalition aims to provide a venue to show and sell their art and educate the community.

45 minutes away, the largest city of Missouri: Kansas City

Only 45 minutes away, Kansas City, also known as the city of Fountains grants the area with a wide jazz music and culture, as well as a fine cuisine and craft breweries.

Downtown and City Market

Downtown Kansas City is worth discovering, including the 39th Street District known as Restaurant Row, which is one of the city’s largest selection of independently owned restaurants and boutique shops.

Kansas City is also known to be a center of literary and visual arts, as well as for its bohemian and farmers culture. Created in 1857, the City Market is one of the largest and most enduring public farmers’ market in the Midwest of the US.

Jazz Culture in Kansas City

Kansas City have long been famous center for jazz culture. It annual Kansas City Blues and Jazz Festival is known to be Kansas City’s best festival, and one of the best Jazz festival in the US. The Kansas City jazz culture can be discovered through the 1979 documentary ‘The Last of the Blue Devils’, which describes very well how important this style is to the city.

Cuisine in Kansas City

If Kansas City is famous all over the world for its fine cuisine, it is mainly for its distinctive style of barbecue. Along with the typical array of Southern cuisine, any steak eaten there will leave sparkles on any tongue who will try it.

The classic Kansas City-style barbecue is an inner-city phenomenon. It has been brought by Memphis migrant Henry Perry, who opened the city’s first barbecue in 1921. Later, Arthur Bryant took over the restaurant and added sugar to the sauce in order to sweeten the recipe a bit. Along with the Gates and Sons Bar-B-Q, these are the two definitive Kansas City barbecue restaurants, the latter has been famously referred to as ‘the single best restaurant in the world’ by native Kansas Citian and essayist Calvin Trilin.

Kansas City’s other points of interest

Most of Kansas City points of interest are in the different Districts of the city, including, for instance, the Spanish-styles Country Club Plaza District and the 18th & Vine District, which is the heart of the city’s jazz culture.

Main touristic and entertainment areas include the Crossroad District, the Westport District, the Power and Light district, and especially for kids, the Crown Center, hosting an aquarium, a Kaleidoscope and the famous attraction park Legoland. Another District loved by kids is the Swope Park, hosting several attractions, including the Kansas City Zoo.

Kansas City, home of the first Disney Animation

As many think Disney animation comes from Hollywood, the famous mouse creator actually started its career in Kansas City, after moving there with its family in 1911. Living in a new home with a hand made garage built by Elias Disney, the 3028 Bellefontaine house became the location for Walt’s very first animation. Unfortunately, Walt’s first animation company, Laugh-O-Gram Studio, went bankrupt, and he moved to Hollywood, where he started The Walt Disney company on October 16, 1923.