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Residents and businesses have known all along what makes Plattsburg special: it's more than just the casual stroll through the historic "roots" of the town or the quaint shops along Main Street.  It's the people who make this town unique, warm and inviting, welcoming you in to their businesses and homes, as well as their hearts.   

Working hand in hand with the people of this City is what has made all of our community events and activities possible.  Without the help and cooperation of so many individuals and volunteers, the Chamber could not achieve any of its goals.

As an organization, we have truly been blessed to work with some of Plattsburg's most outstanding leaders and true innovators.

This City is fortunate to have a such a wide "pool" of talented people living within its boundaries, along with so many diverse interests and areas of expertise.  One look at the Fall Festival, the 4th of July Celebration, Plattsburg's Community Christmas or the Homes or Church Tours, to name just a few, and you'll see evidence of each committee's passion, dedication, hard work and skills. 

Working together, we can continue to make Plattsburg a happy, strong, thriving, environment!
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