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Plattsburg, MO - Walking Tour
Historic Plattsburg Missouri

Historical Homes Walking Tour

Walking tour starts in Pharmacy/Clinic parking lot located on Clay Ave (116 Hwy) between 4th/5th streets.
There are 3 separate loops each approximately .5 miles


West Loop


517 W Clay

Built 1889. Queen Anne Eastlake Cottage. Local residents reveal for as long as they can remember the house has always been various shades of pink. The home has 24 corners and a cupola that children call the "secret room."

605 W Clay Ave

Built 1896. Queen Anne style. Stucco siding was removed to reveal the original clapboards. It took 75 gallons of paint to turn this is into a "painted lady." The home has been featured in numerous regional and national publications.

615 W Clay Ave

Built 1906 by an owner of a lumber mill, so the house was constructed of the finest lumber available. It is called a "Steamboat Gothic" in reference to the upper front porch.

701 W Clay Ave

Victorian built 1901. At one time it was a schoolhouse and a boarding house where the single female teachers lived.The "witches hat" in the front is original but the "witch's tower" towards the back is relatively new, within the last 25 years or so.All the detail work on the outside is original.

700 W Riley

Built 1908by Colonel Turney. The room sizes are quite nice with a nicely appointed library and formal living and dining on the main level. The breakfast area boasts a cafe booth with an inviting view of the stone fence and yard. The porch is enticing on a warm evening for that small town passing of neighbors and friends out for a stroll.

300 S 8th Street

Built 1929 by Dr. W.B. Spalding. The home is an English Cottage Style home. It has a formal living room and dining room. There is a breakfast room with build in Butler's Pantry. At attached screened porch adds hours of pleasure with the view of the well landscaped yard.

801 W Clay Ave

Built early 1900's. Victorian style. Asbestos siding was recently removed to reveal the original wood siding underneath. Upper railing and gutters on the roof are original, as well as the wind-up door bell on the front door. The home was renovated in 2011.

800 W Clay Ave

Built in 1903. Victorian Queen Anne. Notice all the ornate details that are original to the home, including the solid wood doors and railings. Restoration of the interior occurred in the late 1990's.

512 W Clay Ave

Early 1900's. One-story Victorian style. Made from solid oak. Used to be a farm, garage was a barn. Has a widow's walk, where women could watch for their men to return home from the sea.

South Loop


501 W Clay Ave

First Christian Church, built 1891.

302 S Birch

Built 1887. Spanish style. Remodeled in 1932. Rear bedroom was once a sleeping porch. It features a drive-thru garage.

304 S Birch

Riley Carmack Museum, built 1889. Was a family home until 1968. The long shutters are original to the house. The closed-shuttered window on the north is a faux window, put there to balance the upstairs/downstairs facade. It is furnished with locally donated items and represents upper middle class Plattsburg life.

406 S Birch

Built 1918, finished in 1921. Prairie Style. It has remained in the same family since it was built. The limestone was quarried locally in Clinton County, which is common to many other houses in town.

500 S Birch

Pink Rosebud Bed & Breakfast, built 1878. Originally constructed as a square wood frame house. In 1914 additions to the home were made, that were completed in 1922. This included the lions and fountains, and the stone. Stone came from the Federal Courthouse in Kansas City. It became a B&B in 1996.

506 S Birch

Built 1838, the oldest home on the tour. The house's exterior was once a rosy brick. The bricks were all hand-made. The walls are 12 inches thick. The porch was added in the 1870's to make it a Victorian. The back was put on in later years. During the Civil War the house served as a doctor's quarters. The doctor serviced both sides so they wouldn't burn his house down.

501 S Birch

Built in 1890's. Second Empire style.A walnut spiral staircase leads to the third floor cupola.Renovations weredone in 2010.

401 W Clay Ave

Built 1913. Colonial Revival style. The home's exterior paint palette is copied from very earlypictures of the home.

East Loop


304 W Clay Ave

Built in 1893. Victorian. Features a hand-carved staircase. The original owner had farmland that surrounded the house and he would climb to the third story, which had an opening to the roof, to survey his crops.

301 W Clay Ave

Built in 1883. Eastlake style.The home is completely framed in solid walnut. It features the original pocket doors, push-button light switches and wind-up door bell. It also has a calling card brass plate on the front door for missed visitors.

301 W Broadway

United Methodist Church, built 1894.

200 W Broadway

Built 1908.Victorian style with wrap-around porch. A deed found in the home reflects the house sold for $3,000 in 1910. Many families have lived in the home but it is most known as the home of the local pharmacist at the time, who lived there for many years. The home was converted to a bed & breakfast in 1992 and reverted back to a single family home in 2004.

206 W Broadway

Built 1921.American Foursquare style.You could order the "core" of this home from the Sears & Roebuck catalog -- it was shipped in pieces. Has one of the only knotty pined lined garages, which was added in the 1970's.

214 W Broadway

Built early 1900's.At one time was an Episcopal church, where a large steeple once adorned the upper roof.Inside the home the original woodwork still stands.

400 W Broadway

Built in early 1900's. Two-Story Farmhouse with wrap-around porch. Home of a local physician who saw patients in his home.

501 W Broadway

Fist Baptist Church, built 1854.