Historic Plattsburg Missouri

People Who Made History

Some people make a name for themselves by contributing to the nation as a whole, and end up going down in the history books; others choose to make a difference in the community they are in, leaving a legacy behind for the town in which they live.  Plattsburg has been fortunate enough to claim both kinds of individuals. 

Perhaps the most "famous" of Plattsburg's residents was David Rice Atchison, who has the honor of holding the title "President for a day."

Two celebrity writers also claim Plattsburg as their home: New York journalist Oscar Odd McIntyre and novelist J. Breckenridge Ellis. 

For tree enthusiasts, Guy Speckman is a  local "favorite" because he was the person responsible for initiating the "Tree City, U.S.A" program in Plattsburg.  

David Rice Atchison
Oscar Odd McIntyre
J. Breckenridge Ellis
Guy Speckman