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"Old Glory" Flag Flying Days 

Terrorist attacks on 9-11-01 immediately rekindled the patriotic spirit throughout America. Americans quickly rallied to our symbol of freedom "Old Glory" the American flag.

In Plattsburg, this patriotic spirit of honoring the Stars and Stripes has been alive and well for decades, not just the past few years. The late City Councilman, Jack Gump, who served in the Korean War said in 1970 a group from the local American Legion Post #97 took on the responsibility of "Flying the Flag" on special occasions.
"A few of us, the late Bud Smith, who served in the Navy, Francis Hales, who served in the Army and myself thought it would be patriotic to line Clay Avenue with American Flats," said Mr. Gump during an interview in 2001. "We raised the money and started the project, and have been doing it ever since, because we enjoy doing it."
Since 1981, others have joined in to help with the flag flying duties. Mike Russell, who served in the Marine Corps in Vietnam and Larry "Hoot" Heitman, U.S. Army, have joined the band of volunteers to make sure the task is completed every time.

 "Weather permitting we display the flag 18 times a year with maybe two or three additional times for special events in town," said Mike Russell. "We really haven't had a lot of trouble except one time when a truck broke down. It has been a smooth operation. We get a lot of compliments on how it looks and we're all proud veterans. That flag means a lot to us."

 On those special days, there are 62 flags unfurled on the light poles lining Clay Avenue. The men gather early in the morning and begin their self-imposed duty of driving the pickup truck and placing the flags. The flags fly all day until around 5:00 in the evening when they return to retrieve the precious symbols. In all, it takes about 30 minutes to place the flags and another 30 minutes to take the down.

The schedule days for the flag flying are as follows:

 National Day of Prayer
 V-E Day
 Mother's Day
 Plattsburg High School Graduation
 Memorial Day
Armed forces Day
 Flag Day
 Father's Day
 4th of July
 Day Korean War ended
 Labor Day
Plattsburg High School Football Homecoming
Plattsburg Fall Festival
Pearl Harbor Day
Christmas Day

Other special days have been added when deemed necessary. Flags are not flown to honor any individual.


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