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Plattsburg Community Christmas
Festival of Trees - Sponsoring a Tree

All trees have been spoken for 2013 event.
If you would like to do one for next year let us know by using Contact Us or
call Jeff & Rayeann Longwell (816) 539-3036

Festival of Trees will be on display at City Hall December 2-14.

Here are specifics on sponsoring a tree:

  1. There is a total of 12 trees that will be decorated.  Trees are provided for you (all our green 6'6" trees).

  2. Trees can be decorated in any style desired (there is no specific theme).  It is requested that trees are altered some from year to year so exact same tree is not used back to back years.

  3. Lights and tree skirt needs to be provided by the decorator.  Please only mini lights or any type of LED bulbs.  No standard C7 or C9 bulbs.

  4. Each tree decorated will pick a charity/organization.  That charity will receive all money donated in the tin next to the tree.  It is appreciated if the charity is more local (in the driving area).  Charities are first come first serve basis and we ask that charities are not duplicated.

  5. City Hall will watch over the trees during normal business hours.  This leaves a Friday night and 2 Saturdays that we need volunteers to watch the trees.  We asked for a donation of 2 hours to make changes, answer questions, and watch over things.

  6. 100% of donations will go to charities.  Amount collected in tin next to the tree will go to that charity.

  7. Visitors to the trees will be given a ticket to vote for their favorite tree (1 vote per day/per person).  Tickets have no dollar value but is part of deciding winning tree.

  8. Deciding winner of the Festival of Trees is a combination of ticket votes and money donated to the tree.   Trees in each category will be given points in following method:  (1st-12 points, 2nd-11 points,...12th-1 point).  This means if a tree got 3rd most donations and 10th in ticket votes it would have 15 overall points (3rd donation=10 points, 10th ticket votes=3 points).   Tree with most points wins the contest and is given a plaque and bragging rights.   If there is a tie then each dollar donated (rounded up) is worth 1 ticket vote and who ever has most votes with donations/tickets will win.

  9. We are trying ticket votes and donations to make contest more fair to everyone and hope to drum up some excitement in the community so people will visit the trees more than 1 time (and hopefully bring others).

  10. Trees will be decorated week before the event (last week of November) at City Hall.


Here is a list of volunteers to watch Festival of Trees
Date/Time Slot Volunteer
Friday Dec. 6, 4:45pm-7:00pm
Friday Dec. 6, 7:15pm (after parade)-8:30 pm (or earlier if no crowd)  
Saturday Dec. 7, 10am-Noon  
Saturday Dec. 7, Noon-2pm Kathy Soldanels
Saturday Dec. 7, 2:15 (after parade)-4 pm  
Saturday Dec. 14, 11am-1pm April Updike (4H)


Here is a list of Tree decorators and choice where to decorate tree:
Decorator Holiday Mart Decorating Location Charity Contact
Platte Valley Bank Platte Valley Emma Belle Foundation Tonya Sloan
Downey House St. Joseph Perkin's Park Walking Path Rayeann Longwell
Clinton County Extension Platte Valley Youth Building Vickie Kilgore
US Bank Platte Valley Food Pantry Felisha Reed
Courtside Platte Valley American Legion Melanie Muglach
Clinton Care and Rehab St. Joseph Green Hills Women's Shelter Lori Allen
Brenda Grooms St. Joseph Courtyard Brenda Grooms
Snapps Floral St. Joseph Senior Center John Bless
DAR St. Joseph Cameron Veteran's Home Mary Tyrrell
Helen Zech St. Joseph AWANAS Helen Zech
Pioneers 4H Club Platte Valley Backpack Buddies Becky Black
Shopko Platte Valley Toys for Tots Louis Thorpe






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